Challenge Peps Photo 15

This was our entry in French photographer pepsetpetillanceinterieure‘s latest photography challenge, again inspired by the work of artist and photographer Manon Moret and her “Mes Mots” (My Words) project, which Ruth had modelled for in Lille in May 2022. This challenge was to combine words on skin with words written on an object (in this case, a sheet of plywood which we had painted black). Amber was the model, and Ruth was the photographer. The theme was transphobic culture wars vs. the reality of trans lived experience.

One of the other participants in the challenge noticed that our design, when rotated on its side, looked like a candle with a flame (as in the top image), which we think gives the image even more power.

We’ve also shown the image in its original orientation below, where the text is easier to read: