bodypainting.co.uk is Ruth and Amber, we are wives and live together in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

We are involved in all aspects of body painting – painting, modelling and photography.

We have a “Painty Conservatory” at the back of our house here in Sheffield, which we use as a studio for our body painting projects.

Ruth has been involved in the body painting scene since 2000, when she travelled to the European (now World) Bodypainting Festival in Austria. Since then, she has painted lots of people, and modelled for other artists.

Ruth met Amber in 2018. We fell in love later that year. Amber’s first body paint on Ruth was at the Bath Bodyart Weekend in July 2018. Since then, we have painted each other on a number of occasions. Amber moved in with Ruth in Sheffield early in 2020, weeks before the first Coronavirus lockdown. We got married in March 2024.