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Many years ago, I realised that being painted on was a Good Thing. For several years, it has been an ambition of mine to be painted, and this was finally fulfilled in July 2000, when I went on holiday to Seeboden in Austria for the European Bodypainting Festival. There, I was painted by Charly Machamer with a 'Cyber Art' design.

That year's festival was also the first time that I tried my hand at body painting as an artist, and I did my first ever body painting on a Dutch model, with the theme 'Four Elements'.

After that, I was well and truly hooked on body painting, and was soon painting my friends, and advertising for models on my web site. Soon, I had an ever-expanding circle of friends that I enjoyed doing body painting with, and an ever-expanding portfolio of body painting images for my web site!

Body painting is not my career - it is something that I am involved with almost exclusively on a hobby basis. I currently work as an IT consultant, and body painting is something that I do to satisfy my artistic side. I am also a keen musician, and play the flute and piano, and enjoy composing my own music.

To me, there is something simply magical about body painting. It is an experience that works on so many levels. It is a simultaneous act of giving and receiving for both artist and model. The model freely gives their body to the artist painting them, and in return receives the gift of becoming a living work of art. Likewise, the artist gives their time and attention to the model, who provides them with the canvas upon which to unleash their creativity. Then, there is the very tactile, sensual side of the feel of the brush on the skin, which can be very relaxing, sometimes even bordering on the erotic.

Body painting is very much an act of sharing, and is probably one of the most intimate forms of human expression outside a loving relationship. So saying, it offers the potential to very much enhance a loving relationship too - as has been vividly depicted in films such as 'The Pillow Book' and 'Better than Chocolate'.

Body Painting Portfolio

A gallery of my body painting on both male and female models. I have taken part in body painting competitions in the UK and Austria, and assignments for television and film.

Many of the people I have painted have been friends, and ordinary people who got in touch with me via my web site asking if I would paint them. I am fascinated with different body shapes and sizes - of both genders, and believe that there is something beautiful in everyone - not just 'supermodels'. I want my artwork to challenge people's stereotypes of beauty, and to totally subvert the image of 'attractiveness' that we are fed by the media and advertising. I also enjoy being eclectic with my choice of themes for body paintings, and have found that having models of different shapes and sizes gives me a much greater scope for expression than focusing on only painting slim women!

I have also painted professional models, such as those at art2b, but I find it more fun to work with amateur models who are being painted for the sheer joy of it rather than as a means of making money!

As I enjoy being painted myself, I take pleasure in giving other people the opportunity to be painted too - it's a nice way to give back good karma and say thank you for the times that I have been painted myself.

I am normally happy to paint most people, although I do request that you shave or wax your body hair beforehand if possible. Please also be aware that a body painting can take anything up to 5 hours or so, depending on complexity. However, you don't have to keep totally still for the entire time, and are certainly welcome to tea breaks and loo breaks!

Although I am not ageist, I do ask that all my models are over 18 years old. This is merely to protect myself from any legal repercussions which might result from painting anyone below the age of 18.

Solo Bodypainting   Collaborative Bodypainting

Modelling Portfolio

A gallery of body paintings which I have modelled for. Being painted is something that I greatly enjoy, and so I am always keen to hear from people who are interested in using me as a model. As I have already had a lot of experience at modelling for body painting, I know the importance of keeping still while being painted, and am friendly and easy to work with. I would really like to model for a body painting competition such as the ones at Olympia, Birmingham NEC and Manchester G-MEX that are organised for students studying Beauty Therapy and Theatrical and Media Make-up.

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The painted body is a very powerful visual phenomenon, and is almost guaranteed to attract attention. As a Green activist and eco-warrior, I have used body painting to draw attention to environmental issues, such as when myself and a friend painted each other as tigers for the Greenpeace StopEsso campaign.

As body painting is something that I enjoy so much, and have such a great passion for, I feel it only right to use body painting as a means of contributing to the greater good, and so far, activism for the environment and peace has been my calling in this area. I would also be very interested to hear of any opportunities to use body painting as a means of fundraising for charity.

I am also inspired by the potential of body painting to break down the barriers between people - with body painting, race and skin colour simply do not matter, and to paint one another is to re-affirm that we are all human beings, each with an equal right to live in peace and dignity on this planet.

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I am based in Shropshire, UK, although am happy to consider taking on modelling assignments further afield.